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Connect to God.

  • Connector.

    Engage on Sunday mornings.

    Simply showing up doesn’t necessarily connect you with God. Engage by praising God in song, listening and applying the message you hear, and fellowshiping with other believers at the church.

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    Worship God.

    Worship is much more than singing praise to God. It’s showing reverence to God in any area of your life. In addition to praising God through music, it’s using your talents, abilities, and passions to give glory back to God.

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    Pray to God and study His word.

    God is not far away from you. He’s with you all the time. In fact, you can talk to Him directly through prayer, and find out everything you need to know about His will by studying the Bible.

Help me connect to God.

Connect to The Church.

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    Be There on Sunday.

    Let’s face it: it can be tough to meet new people. Especially in a place where you might not be so comfortable. But when you start coming regularly those relationships will start to form.

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    Join a group.

    Attending every Sunday morning is a start, but you can’t really get to know 300 people on a deep level can you? That’s what small groups are for.

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    Serve in the church.

    Doing something with other people is a great way to connect.

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    Become a member.

    Members are vital and necessary to The Rock Church’s mission of taking people from where they are to where God wants them to be. When you’re ready to go from being a consumer to a contributer, this step is for you.

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